Cinematography / Film making

Program Objective

On accomplishment of this program, you will be experienced in photography, camerawork, light effects, types of lenses, depth of focus and colorization techniques in film making.

Educational Objectives

Film Industry/Production team, Production studios, Advertising, Companies, Television studios

Course Duration

4 Months

About Cinematography / Film making

Film-making course of ALPHA 6 Training covers the cinematography, video editingtraining, acting, sound, production, direction and production design to built a complete understanding of the discipline which includes Post-production Training and Pre-Production Training.

The realization of idea & making unforgettable visual of that idea in viewer’s mind is not a easy task. It require practice, skills, knowledge of both art & technology and above all, a clear visual in the mind of creator.

You will get the excellent assistance throughout the course at ALPHA 6 Training, to create the effective and memorable films, which will mesmerize the audience with their uniqueness and visualization.

We work here to develop advance skills and complete basic knowledge of the film-making in our students to produce great film-makers out of them.

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