Music Production

Program Objective

On accomplishment of this program, student will able to compose their own music and also they can manipulate the band performance and record production.

Educational Objectives

Musical Industry, Film Industry/Post-Production, Animation studios, Gaming companies, Advertising Agencies, Television studios

Course Duration

6 Months

About Music Production

Music Production course is designed to equip the composers, musicians with the extra-ordinary music production skills in order to make them market-ready with their musical abilities.

In the world of entertainment, music has its own place, higher than anything. With melodious voice and magnificent lyrics, you cannot succeed until you learn the business tactics and marketing skills to withstand the giant competitors.

Our task at ALPHA6 Training is to give you the power to support your skills, For this purpose, we make you able to create your own songs, lyrics & soundtracks by introducing you with the music theories and composition techniques.

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