Production & Post Production

Program Objective

On accomplishment of this program, student will be professional in editing videos, sound effects, re-recording, visual effects, color effects etc.

Educational Objectives

Film Industry/Post-Production, Animation studios, Gaming companies, Advertising Companies, Television studios, Social Media

Course Duration

4 Months

About Production & Post Production

Film-making course of ALPHA 6 Training covers the cinematography, video editingtraining, acting, sound, production, direction and production design to built a complete understanding of the discipline which includes Post-production Training and Pre-Production Training.

The realization of idea & making unforgettable visual of that idea in viewer’s mind is not a easy task. It require practice, skills, knowledge of both art & technology and above all, a clear visual in the mind of creator.

Visual FX is a career course, carefully designed by the experts, to teach you all the fundamentals and advance skill which are required to make you a successful and well-known VFX artist.

You will get the excellent assistance throughout the course at ALPHA 6 Training, to create the effective and memorable films, which will mesmerize the audience with their uniqueness and visualization.

We work here to develop advance skills and complete basic knowledge of the film-making in our students to produce great film-makers out of them.

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