Sound Engineering

Program Objective

On successful completion of this course, student can creatively use technologies to compose sound for film, radio, television, music, computer gamesand alsoexpertise in the recording, mixing, etc.

Educational Objectives

Music Industry, Film Industry/Post-Production, Animation studios, Gaming companies, Advertising Agencies, Television studios

Course Duration

3 Months

About Sound Engineering

The Recording & Mixing course is designed to make students contribute in, study and investigate the practical applications of audio engineering which is articulated as Sound Engineering Course

This discipline, along with being exciting, have its importance for every related field like music, video and film industries. Recording and mixing both are required nowadays for any entertainment related industry. Simply recording voices are not the trend as of now, it is essential to have complete expertise in the recording, mixing, related equipments and technologies ,which is termed as Sound Engineering Course

Career in this discipline is not limited to the field itself, you can switch to any related field which gives more options and chances to you. You will work with the expert staff and fellow students at ALPHA 6 Training to refine yourself and acquire excellence.

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