Visual Art & Design

Program Objective

On accomplishment of this program, student will have the potential to express the new and creative ideas through art work, and know the skills on art techniques combined with visual media also the perspective point in art. Students will be qualified in animation, graphic design, fashion design, interior design etc.

Educational Objectives

Film Industries, Fashion industry, Architecture firms, Animation studios, Advertising agencies

Course Duration

3 Months

About Visual Art & Design

Our Design & Art course is to mold your innovative mind to produce the best ever pieces of digital arts. Your creativity and our guidance will be magical combination. The course provides fundamental knowledge of each topic by integrating art-making with digital media ,which is a Digital Media Course in an inseparable manner.

In this ever-expanding field, you will be learning every kind of print and motion technologies like animation, illustration, video, print, flash, design studios and web. Your instructors will always be there to help you on anything. You will get the knowledge of diverse multimedia disciplines which will ensure to impress the potential employers, looking for talented designers who exhibit expertise in their field.

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