Visual Effects

Program Objective

On accomplishment of this course, student will be knowing the technique to integrate the actual video and created imagesor objects with perfect background, colors, lighting in a realistic effects, also qualified in live action effects, digital effects etc..

Educational Objectives

Film Industry/Post-Production, Animation studios, Gaming companies, Advertising Company, Web Designing, Television studios

Course Duration

1 Year

About Visual Effects

Visual FX Course empowers you with the ability to produce awesome effects and realistic environments. The “next to impossible” things are made to look possible by giving the visual effects to the movies or other artworks.

You will work on the multiple softwares used for this purpose at ALPHA6 Training one of the Best Visual effects training along with getting thorough knowledge of the field theoretically.

Visual FX is a career course, carefully designed by the experts, to teach you all the fundamentals and advance skill which are required to make you a successful and well-known VFX artist.

By completing the course, you will command over the advanced & core topics of VFX and all its practical aspects.

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